How Pencil Grips Teach Children the Correct Writing Grip

Does your child have a hard time grasping a pencil? Does your child's teacher send home notes about improving handwriting? Are you frustrated that many schools no longer teach basic writing skills? Then you need to look into having your child write with a pencil grip.

There are many types of pencil and pen grips available and sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly which one will work best. There are 2 primary functions of grips: comfort and training finger placement on pencils. Some pencil grips are intended just to make writing more comfortable. But, as most of us have found, when your fingers are placed correctly on the pen, writing is naturally more comfortable. So, it is very important to teach kids how to correctly hold a pencil (sometimes called the tripod grip) so they can avoid a lifetime of writing discomfort.

Mini, Solo and Stetro Grips: Teaching First Time Writers

Mini, Solo and Stetro Grips Stetro, Mini and Solo grips are the first grips intended to help beginning writers. The target users of these grips are pre-school and kindergarteners with small fingers. The grips are a hard plastic which is ergonomically formed to guide finger tips to the correct spot to write correctly. There is a smooth, concave surface on the bottom of the grip which cradles the middle finger as it wraps underneath the pencil. On the top of the grip, there are two different sets of indentations for the thumb and index finger. The writer can choose which set of indentations is most comfortable for their writing style. The grips are symmetrical so both right and left handed writers are able to use them. The mini and Stetro Pencil Grips are very small for the little fingers of first-time writers whereas the Solo Pencil Grip is larger for older children with larger fingers.

Crossover Pencil Grips Grotto Grips and Start Right Grips: For Kids Having a Hard Time Keeping Their Fingers In Place

Crossover Grips, Grotto Grips and Start Right Pencil Grips
One of the drawbacks of grips like Stetro is that fingers can slip and slide off the indentations in the grip. To solve this problem, the Grotto Grip, the Start Right Grip and the Crossover Pencil Grip place wings across the top and in front of the thumb and index fingers. These wings create a physical barrier keeping the fingers from sliding out of place while writing. All three are made for both left and right handed writing.

The difference between the Start Right Grip and the others is the softness of the material and the ergonomic shape of the grip. The Start Right Grip is made from a harder plastic. The pencil slides through a simple cylinder shape which is where the writer would grasp the pencil. The wing is a hard disk floating above the rest of the grip.

The Crossover Grips and the Grotto Grips are made from a softer, more flexible material. The wing is sculpted to fit the curves of the fingers and the grip itself is shaped to hold fingers in place and it has a lot of soft gripping material for a more comfortable grip.

The Writing Claw: Another Way to Force Fingers into a Tripod Grip

The Writing Claw Pencil Grip
The Writing Claw takes a different approach for forcing fingers into the correct writing position. This design features a circular rubber band which slips over the pen or pencil. Attached to that band are 3 silo-shaped cups which hold the thumb, index finger and middle finger. The cups are a lot like stocking caps for the fingers. This design keeps the tips of all three fingers directly on the pen or pencil. The Writing Claw comes in three different sizes to fit the fingers of any writer, including adults. Because the finger cups are evenly spaced, any writer, either right-handed or left-handed can use these grips.

The writing grip formed by using the Writing Claw is different than the grip encouraged by other grips which rests the pencil on top of the middle finger as it curls underneath the grip. The Writing Claw places the finger tips in a perfect triangle around the barrel of the pen, pencil or crayon.

The Pinch Grip: When Young Writers Have Graduated From Needing Grips with Wings.

The Pinch Grip
The next step in writing grips is the Pinch Grip. This writing aid takes the same grip as the Crossover Grip and removes the wing over the top of the fingers. The ergonomic shape where the fingers meet the pencil remains the same as the Crossover Grip, but the Pinch Grip lacks the protective guard allowing more freedom of movement of the fingers. It keeps the soft guard in front of the fingers though. This keeps fingers from sliding down the length of the pencil which tends to happen if the writer is pressing too hard.

The Original Pencil Grip: Moving From Learning the Tripod Grip to Comfortable Writing Any Time

The Original Pencil Grip
Now your child has the correct writing grip down pat, now what? Standard pens and pencils are still very skinny writing instruments to hold. Constantly needing to hold something so slim often causes pain and discomfort because we tend to grip small things harder to make sure we don't lose them. The Original Pencil Grip is a versatile grip for any writer, young or old designed to both encourage the proper writing grip, but also to provide comfort for those that have been writing for years.

The Original Pencil Grip takes the same ergonomic form of the Crossover and Pinch grips, but rounds it out for a extremely soft feel. Writers of any age can use this grip to provide comfort from both tight gripping of a pen and by helping to keep fingers in the most natural writing position. The Pencil Grip Inc. also makes a Bumpy version of this grip with raised bumps that provide a more textured grip.

The Jumbo Grip: Comfortable Writing for Those With Large Hands

The Jumbo Pencil Grip
The Jumbo Grip is the Original Pencil Grip on steroids. This very large pencil grip makes a great writing companion for adults and anyone with large hands. It also provides a tremendous amount of gripping surface because of its wide diameter. The size allows any easy grip for those with weak fingers muscles or medical conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that make holding a skinny pencil difficult. People with missing fingers will also find the Jumbo Grip useful as there is so much surface area that allows you to hold the pen or pencil in any way you can so you can experience a soft comfortable grip while writing.

Other Pencil Grippers for Comfort and Fun

Fun Pencil Grippers
Finally, for those who just want to make the writing experience more fun, or a little more comfortable, you can find many different pencil grips designed with fun in mind. Kids of all ages enjoy Kushy Grips, Extreme Gel Grips, Foam Grips, Triangle Grips, Dolphin Grips and more. While these aren't necessarily made for teaching the correct writing grasp, they will make your youngster want to write more. Practice makes perfect, right?

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