Hawaiian Koa Wood Pens

Lau lau Woodworks Fine Gift Pens

Koa Wood Ballpoint and Fountain Pens

Hand-Crafted Fine Writing Instruments from Lau Lau Woodworks

When a truly fine writing pen meets paper, the experience is magical. Step away from modern electronics and touch screens to enjoy the disappearing art of writing.

Lau Lau Woodworks ballpoint and fountain pens exemplify fine craftsmanship. Hand-crafted in Honolulu Hawaii using native Koa wood, surfboard resins and Italian acrylics, the unique and creative designs make each pen a work of art. The natural color and grain of the Koa Wood contrasts with the modern hues and tones of resin and acrylic forming a combination of traditional style and contemporary design.

While these pens are beautiful pieces of art, you don't have to keep them under glass to enjoy them. The details of Lau Lau Woodworks pens set them apart from all others. The metal accents and hardware are custom designed by artist Aaron Lau. The metal is Titanium-Oxide coated to provide a beautiful finish and to protect the metal from tarnishing or aging. The entire pen is then coated with a proprietary chemical and ultra-violet light resistant finish. This unique finish prevents oils from the fingers seeping into the wood and acrylics which over time would darken and age the pen. You can make this pen your every day pen and it will always look brand new!

Don't wait to own these highly-coveted writing instruments and begin writing with Hawaiian style.