Marvy/Uchida Chalk Pens and Markers

Chalk Markers and Chalk Pens

Marvy/Uchida Bistro Chalk Markers

Fine Japanese Chalk Pens and Markers

Uchida Bistro Chalk Markers are high quality chalk markers made in Japan. These pens have a consistently smooth ink flow with bright colors and a perfect chalk finish. Marvy/Uchida markers write on virtually any surface. They can be removed from smooth, non-porous sufaces like glass, ceramic and plastic and many chalkboards with just a damp cloth. Available to purchase as single pens or in color-coordinated packs. Draw attention to your signs and projects using these eye-catching chalk markers.

Why use chalk pens and markers instead of chalk sticks?
  • No more chalk dust on hands and clothes
  • Easier to hold
  • Brighter colors
  • More defined lines for better visibility
  • Write on most surfaces including glass, ceramic and plastic