EasyErgo-'S Move Easy

Stabilo S Move Easy Pens

Stabilo 'S Move Easy Rollerball Pens and EasyErgo Pencils

Ergonomic Pens and Pencils Designed by Stabilo

It’s especially important for a writing instrument to meet the ergonomic needs of the person using it. Stabilo’s goal is to make writing and drawing easier, so they work closely with ergonomic and fine motor specialists to achieve the optimum ergonomics results. Thanks to their products low weight and ergonomic shape, the hand muscles do not tire too quickly, as only a light pressure is required, eliminating the pain of hand cramps. Their pen and pencils even encourage good posture, which can improve academic performance in children and students. 

Take a look at the 'S Move Easy Ergonomic Pen and the EasyErgo Mechanical Pencil. These ergonomically designed roller-ball pens and pencils feature a non-slip grip zone and their comfortable design allows a relaxed hold that helps you glide softly over the paper and prevent muscle fatigue. 

Stabilo 'S Move Easy Rollerball Pens come with blue ink that writes like a fountain pen. When you buy refills, both blue and black ink are available. The Stabilo EasyErgo Pencil comes with HB lead and the screw off cap provides additional protection for the pen and pencil tips. A 6 HB Lead refill pack is also available.

The 'S Move Easy Pens and EasyErgo Pencils come in two designs, one for left-handed use and one for right-handed use. The barrels are attractive with their two-tone colors. They are great for adults and children who are learning to write and are recommended by teachers and parents.