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Ring Pen Grip

People say there’s no need to redesign the wheel, but what about your pen? After all, thousands of years utilizing the same technology means there is no more room for improvement, right? Numerous attempts have been made to modify the pen, specifically with comfort and novelty grips, but these simple additions merely mask the problem at hand… until now! The revolutionary Ring Pen Grip is the ultimate ergonomic grip to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other writing difficulties! 

After years of combined efforts from physicists, medical specialists and the latest technology, the Ring Pen Grip is a ground-breaking new pencil grip that eliminates the need to ever grip a pen or pencil again! Simply slip your finger through the “ring” and rest your surrounding fingers along the length of the pen. Featuring a prolonged gripping surface, the Ring Pen Grip allows your index finger to be fully extended, preventing repetitive-motion injuries and arthritis that develops from excessive writing. The patented “hole-in-the-center” and long-body design provides a stable and comfortable grip for smooth and easy writing.

The Ring Pen Grip is not just preventative: it’s also alleviative! For those already suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, writer’s cramp, and other writing difficulties, the Ring Grip helps relieve the pain associated with writing. Without the need to grip, the muscles and joints ordinarily used for writing are relaxed, allowing you to write pain-free. The Ring Pen Grip is also an ideal tool for children learning to write and even those with broken or missing fingers. 

Once only featured as a specialty pen, this ingenious design is now available as an ergonomic grip for ultimate versatility and usability! With an adjustable, easy-attach design, you can effortlessly transfer the Ring-Pen Grip from your favorite pen or pencil to your touchscreen stylus!