Evo Pens


Refillable Evo.Pens

Comfortable and portable, the patented evo.pen (evo-lutionary) was designed to fit in the natural closing grip of the hand. The natural ergonomic shape is ideal for people with different kinds of grasping problems and relieves the hand pain of writing caused by Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, chronic hand pain and writer's cramp. The Evo.pen is a heavier pen that is naturally comfortable and utterly ergonomic.

The evo.pen has been commended by the American Arthritis Foundation for ease of use and is recommended by hand, physical, and occupational therapists. Called the “natural remedy, the Evo.pen imitates the natural gripping posture, resulting in pain free writing.

  •  Reduce writing discomfort
  •  Compact and convenient
  •  Refillable
  •  Occupational and Physical Therapist recommended

Can also help those who suffer from: Degenerative Thumb Joints, Hand Dystonia, Radial Nerve Damage, Stroke, Dyslexia, Hand Tremors, Missing Fingers, Prosthesis or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Suitable for left or right handed users.