J Herbin

J Herbin Glass Dip Pens

J Herbin Glass Pens

Glass Dipping Pens by J. Herbin

Since 1670, J. Herbin ink has crossed the oceans. Glass pens were very trendy in the 17th century Venice. Today, J. Herbin put them on your desks as ornaments and writing instruments. Thanks to the small grooves on the nib, several lines can be written without having to re-dip the ink. Every glass dip pen is hand-crafted and therefore unique. Enjoy writing again. Choose from Turquoise, Royal Blue and Violet Spiral Handle Glass Pens and Frosted Glass Pens in Amber, Black, Red, Green, Blue and Violet. J Herbin also makes an ornate glass pen shaped like a peacock feather.
Make a statement in elegance using J Herbin Glass Pens for:
  •  Gifts
  •  Wedding and Anniversary Guest Books
  •  Calligraphy
  •  Journals
  •  Artistic Writing
  •  Recognition Awards