Left-Handed Pens

Left Handed Pens

Left-Handed Pens

Pens designed with Lefties in mind

Attention all left-handed writers— experience a new way of writing with Left-Handed Pens!  Say goodbye to “Lefty Smudge”, obstructed view, uncomfortable writing positions, joint/muscle pain, and other writing difficulties and say hello to easy, comfortable writing. Our unique selection of specialty pens for lefties will allow you to put pen-to-paper in a way never before so you can blissfully write the next great American novel, an eloquent grant proposal, or a nicely organized grocery list! Left Handed Pens encourage a proper grasp, neat handwriting, and safe hand movements to prevent repetitive-motion injuries. 

Choose the perfect Lefty pen for you with our wide variety of styles. The unique “Y” shape of the PenAgain allows the index finger to be fully extended for joint relief and stability. The Heavyweight Pen provides support and guidance to prevent firm gripping and muscle shaking. Swan Neck Pens feature a unique curve that allows you to see as you write. Stabilo Pens and Pencils include an ergonomically designed grip for ultimate comfort and control as you write! 

The fun doesn’t stop there: our selection of Left-Handed Pens goes beyond the paper. Now you can conquer the digital world with ease thanks to the Stabilo Left-Handed Stylus! And for a classic touch to your fine writing, our Left Handed Calligraphy Set was designed with you in mind. For ultimate versatility, The Pencil Grip allows you to convert your favorite pen or pencil into an amazing ergonomic tool.

What are you waiting for—start writing the left way today!