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Anyone can benefit from using The Pencil Grip on a pencil or pen! The Pencil Grip is a revolutionary technology that works with the body’s natural shape to gently place your fingers in the proper writing position. The Pencil Grip has set the industry standard in ergonomics allowing over a 90% surface contact with its soft comfortable gripping surface. Great for both right and left handed users, the natural feel and soft comfortable material make it comfortable, easy and fun to write. 

Pencil grips are commonly used to help teach children how to write correctly and improve their motor skills. But these ergonomic Pencil Grips are also great for adults. With our wide variety of designs, styles and colors, you can select a special pencil grip for every member of the family.

Many find that pencil and pen grips relieve writing pain and reduce the amount of pressure needed to write. Pencil Grips can also help alleviate writing discomfort for those who suffer from arthritis, RSI, Carpel-Tunnel Syndrome and Writer's Cramp.