e+m Wood Writing Pens

e+m Fine Writing Pens

Wooden Fine Writing Pens from e+m

When you’re looking for products that will make you proud and impress your clients, you can’t do better than beautiful wooden writing utensils made in traditional styles with a present-day twist.

These fine pens and pencils certainly fit the bill, crafted with the finest materials and with an eye to modern design. Moreover, much of the wood used is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, making these pens and pencils environmentally friendly as well as beautiful. In this green age, you are bound to appreciate the effort and the protection of resources.

No matter what you’re looking for in a gift pen or pencil, you will find it with an e+m pen. We carry a wide variety of both pens and pencils in both updated and more traditional styles. Looking for a traditional ballpoint pen with chrome accents and a wooden shaft? You’ll find it. Want an outside-the-box sketch pencil that’s easy to hold all day long? We’ve got you covered. Offering a range of colors and styles, these natural wood pens can’t be beat.

Enjoy browsing through our products and choosing the ones that are right for you.