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Mini, Solo and Stetro Pencil Grips

Pencil Grips for Small Fingers

Mini Grips, Solo Grips and Stetro Grips teach the proper finger placement for writing. Each type of grip are similarly styled. The Stetro Grip and Mini Grips are made for smaller fingers, while the Solo Grip is a larger version of the same grip. These grips are suitable for both left handed and right handed users to help enforce proper writing grip technique. The Stetro Grip, Solo Grip and Mini Grip are suitable for all home and classroom needs. The grips are loose packaged in a variety of quantities.

  •  Specially-designed pencil grip for proper finger placement
  •  Both Small and Large designs for all fingers
  •  Great for right and left-handed writers
  •  Assorted colors
  •  Affordable

Solo Grip - 5 Pack
Solo Pencil Grip - 5 Pack
Price: $2.95 
Stetro Grip
Stetro Grip
Price: $3.25 
The Mini Grip - 12 pack
The Mini Grip
Price: $3.45 
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