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Swan Neck Pens

Swan Neck Pens

Swan Neck Pens

Left Handed Writing Instruments

Slowly formed, sloping letters. Messy, smudged presentation. Reversed d's and b's, p's and q's... Even physical discomfort. It's all part and parcel of the left hander's nightmare that often emerges when learning to write in childhood. Up until now, many thought it would never disappear.

The Swan Neck Pens are an elegantly simple solution to the left-handed writing problem that affects some 1 in 6 people worldwide.

All models of the Swan Neck Pens feature a unique, S-bend neck and grip area. This enables left-handed writers to hold the pen comfortably at a balanced angle and easily view all letters and words as they are written, just as right-handers do.

Swan Neck Pens don't just make left-handers of all ages happier and better writers. They make writing a breeze for right-handers working in Arabic and other 'right to left' languages such as those used throughout Asia.

Available now as brightly colored yellow and pink everyday ballpoints, and in stylish aluminium, Swan Neck Pens really are something to write home about!