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Wallet and Keychain Pens

Wallet and Keychain Pens
Keychain and Wallet Pens

Wallet and Keychain Pens

Mini Pens for your Wallet and Key Chain

Looking for a compact and durable pen that is always available? Find the right wallet pen or keychain pen for your billfold, purse, or keychain. The Derringer Wallet Pen, the Teenie Weenie Pen and the Stowaway Space Pen are a miniature versions of a traditional ballpoint pens fitting perfectly into your wallet. The St Tropez Petite Ballpoint Pens make an excellent executive mini pen.  Bobino Slim Pens attach to journals and notebooks to act as a bookmark so you can always have a pen available. The Pico Pad Wallet Notes contain both paper and pen in a credit card size package.

The Inka Pen and Trekker Space Pens are go anywhere, write anywhere writing instruments. The PicoPen provides the ultimate in versatility with the ability to attach to almost anything so that you don't leave home without a pen.  



Greenwitch Mini Pencil
Price: $7.95
PicoPen Keychain Pen
Price: $19.95
Pro Glide Duo Pen and Stylus
Regular Price: $4.95
On Sale For: $3.95