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Pen and Pencil Grips

Pen and Pencil Grips
Pen and Pencil Grips

Pen And Pencil Grips

5 Reasons Your Fingers Need a Pencil Grip!

  •  Relieve writing pain and discomfort
  •  Teach children the proper way to write
  •  Provide writing control for people with poor fine motor skills
  •  Smooth shaky writing
  •  Provides added weight reducing the amount of finger pressure needed to write

Pencil grips have been used for years to teach children how to write correctly. But these pencil grips are not just for kids any more. Adults are finding ergonomic pen grips provide comfortable writing to any pen or pencil. Pen grips help alleviate writing discomfort caused by arthritis, RSI, Carpel-Tunnel Syndrome and Writer's Cramp. Choose pen and pencil grips by The Pencil Grip Inc., Grotto Grip, EZ Grip, and more. Many styles and colors available including: Grotto Grips, The Pencil Grip, Mini and Solo Grips (compare to Stetro), The Writing CLAW, Classic Grips and Novelty Grips for writing fun.