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Childrens Pens, Pencils and Crayons

Childrens Pens, Pencils and Crayons
Pens and Crayons for Children

Childrens Pens, Pencils and Crayons

Ergonomic Crayons, Pens and Pencils designed for kids!

Why buy ergonomic crayons, pens and pencils for children? Ergonomic writing instruments are designed  to be held with a proper grip and hand alignment. This teaches children from the beginning the proper way to hold pens and pencils so that they can avoid pain from writer's cramp, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Arthritis later in life. Some products also help children who have difficulty grasping traditional pens and pencils because of poor fine motor skills.

PenAgain Pencils are great for Lefties. Crayon Rocks provide a coloring option for Autistic and other children who can't grasp properly. Pencil Grips turn your child's favorite pens and pencils into ergonomic tools so they do not have to give up that special writing instrument they already have. Artists can find a gentle gel grip on a Mechanical Pencil with 12 Colors of lead.
Stabilo Colored Pencils - 18 Pack
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