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Ergonomic Pens and Pencils

Ergonomic Pens and Pencils
Ergonomic Pens

Ergonomic Pens and Pencils

Pens Designed for Comfortable Writing

When you have Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or a Repetitive Strain Injury, writing can be incredibly painful. Even without a medical condition, some people who write a lot experience hand pain, writer’s cramp, finger calluses or just put strain on their hands by holding their pen too tightly.

Ergonomically-designed pens, pencils and grips can alleviate writing discomfort. By choosing ergonomic pens or pencil grips to properly position the hand and fingers, you minimize the stress placed on bones, muscles, nerves and soft-tissue greatly reducing or eliminating pain.

Ergonomic pens and pencil grips also teach children how to write properly so they can avoid future writing discomfort an pain. The correct writing grip improves penmanship and makes writing easier so kids will enjoy writing now and in the future.

From heavy weight pens to UGLee pens, you will find the perfect solution to your writing discomfort. If you already have a favorite pen, use a pen or pencil grip to convert it to the most comfortable writing instrument you ever had!